Calicut University First Sem. BMMC Regular or Supply Examinatin April 2014 Results

Calicut University First Sem. BMMC Regular or Supply Examinatin April 2014 Results

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First Sem. BMMC Regular or Supply Examinatin April 2014 Results 

Calicut University

Teachers under the banner of the Association of Calicut University Educators (ACT) have decided to move the Kerala High Court against Vice Chancellor M. Abdul Salam for making “untrue accusations” versus a few of them, including a lady instructor.
Dr. Salam, throughout a Syndicate meeting recently, had affirmed that Distribute participant K. Fatimat Zuhara and a few various other educators had actually conspired to eliminate him.
Injured by the accusation, Prof. Zuhara challenged the Vice Chancellor to prove his accusation.
Dr. Salam then stated that an additional Organization member, T.P. Ahamed, had evidence to verify the involvement of Prof. Zuhara in the supposed story.
Dr. Ahamed right away refuted it, as well as said that he knew nothing of any plot to kill Dr. Salam.
The Vice Chancellor supposedly wrote to Chancellor P. Sathasivam attempting to implicate a couple of teachers, consisting of Prof. Zuhara, M.V. Narayaan, and also T.K. Narayanan. P. Sivadasan, general secretary of the ACT, stated that the instructors would certainly relocate the High Court against Dr. Salam seeking justice.
“He (Dr. Salam) has ruined the whole college system. He is now attempting to ruin the morale of the training neighborhood by making unwarranted claims. It is unbecoming of a Vice Chancellor,” stated Dr. Sivadasan in a statement right here on Wednesday.
The educators demanded that the Vice Chancellor apologise to them for the “careless statements” he had actually made.
Dr. Ahamed, told The Hindu, that the Vice Chancellor had actually comprised tales concerning points of which he had no idea.
“I never spoke of any individual making any kind of conspiracy. It was the fancy of the Vice Chancellor,” said Dr. Ahamed.

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